Client Successes at Harbor Law Firm

Harbor Law Firm is committed to demystifying estate planning for our clients. We want to help you reach your estate planning goals and save you money while doing so. To get an idea of how we can help you and your family, feel free to peruse our reviews below.

"I had a wonderful experience with Harbor Law Firm. Kevin was professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. I had many questions for Kevin and I found him to be knowledgeable and patient as he explained everything to me. He completed the work quickly and thoroughly and his fees were very reasonable. I was very happy with the level of service he provided and thought his pricing was fair and honest. I will definitely rely on him if I need legal services in the future. Kevin is a fine lawyer, the best I have ever worked with, to be honest. His assistant Kathryn is on point, kept us well informed, and was a help as we moved through the process."


"I was more then happy with my estate planning experience with Harbor Law. From professionalism to deep knowledge on the subject, I felt comfortable and confident throughout the whole process."


"I had a fantastic experience with this law firm, and I highly recommend them. I’m going into healthcare, so I decided it was time to make arrangements (everybody should, really; no one is guaranteed tomorrow). Kevin and Kate made this an extremely easy process. Their correspondence, throughout the entire process, was very swift and professional. Kevin explained to me, in a very accessible manner, what the process would entail, every step of the way. Once Harbor Law Firm had the information they needed, the process was underway. Kate and Kevin would quickly contact me with just a few small adjustments, again explaining to me the value in doing so. Both of them were kind enough to come to my residence, on their day off (above and beyond!), to have the documents signed and finalized. Also, they were both very personable and pleasant people, and recalled details about my life that I had told them, and asked how these endeavors were coming along. This was a very easy and quick process throughout, and I highly recommend them. Thank you again!!!"


"Great transparency and communication! Kevin’s patience and easy manner made the Wills process much easier. With bad timing due to COVID-19 occurring around the same time we were creating new Wills, we assumed it couldn’t happen…but Kevin took extra time to learn how to do the whole process online, making it possible for us to expedite the signing. Great customer service!"


"Personable, knowledgeable and very helpful in thinking of things we had not considered but should have. Helped create comprehensive documents that will meet all our current and future needs."


"Local, knowledgeable, sound advice for our situation, speed of service."


"They communicate the process well. Everything was on time, and precise."


"Kevin’s frequent check ins definitely kept us moving forward in the process. We have a tendency to get things started and let them fall off because we get distracted with other projects, etc. The entire experience start to finish was great from our perspective!"


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