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If you don’t have a comprehensive estate plan, you’re in good company. Most people in Washington and around the country don’t have even basic estate planning documents, such as a will. Others may have a will or living trust, but still have significant gaps in their estate plans. 

It’s easy to push off estate planning for another day, especially when you’re relatively young and healthy and don’t expect to need the protections estate planning provides for many years. But, life is unpredictable, and neglecting estate planning can create practical problems, emotional stress, and family conflict.

At Harbor Law Firm, we make estate planning simple, convenient, and stress free. Our Safe Harbor Estate Planning Process is fully remote and adaptable to your needs: we can talk by phone or video conferencing, schedule appointments at your convenience, and send documents digitally or by mail.

What’s In an Estate Plan?

An effective estate plan involves more than just a will or other means of transferring property after you pass away. Every estate is different, but the most common components of a comprehensive Washington estate plan include: 

Of course, there’s more to estate planning than drafting documents. For example, an experienced Washington estate planning attorney can help you:

  • Determine whether it’s better to pass property directly to beneficiaries or have it held in trust for more favorable tax treatment or greater control over assets
  • Understand the duties of a personal representative or person holding your power of attorney so you can make the best selection for the job
  • Ensure that you don’t overlook assets in your planning
  • Assess for possible tax issues and strategize to lower or eliminate estate taxes


What if I Don’t Have an Estate Plan?

Failing to plan can create a variety of problems for you and your loved ones. For example: 

  • If you become incapacitated and don’t have powers of attorney, those closest to you may not be able to protect your property or make decisions about your medical care
  • If you don’t have a will or other means of passing property to your loved ones, distribution under the Washington intestate succession law may not be what you would want or expect
  • If you neglect tax planning, your estate could be diminished by estate taxes that could have been avoided

Give yourself and your loved ones the benefit of an experienced tax and estate planning attorney in your corner. 

At Harbor Law Firm, we make estate planning as simple and stress-free as possible. That means:

  • Knowledgeable guidance customized to your circumstances and your goals
  • A fully remote process that never requires you to leave home
  • Early morning, evening, and weekend hours to fit your schedule
  • An adaptable process for exchanging documents and collaborating
  • Flat-rate pricing that ensures you’ll never be surprised by a legal bill

We also offer free consultations. Schedule yours right now.

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